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As Your

Relationship Coach,

my most cherished coaching goal is for you to have

[Soulfully Intimate and Thriving relationships with] -

Relationship Coaching
I am just like you and perhaps have similar relationship challenges like you do; only that I know how to manage them well.

Tired | Lost | Confused

Please do not be so anymore.
There is a way to a healthier and a budding RELATIONSHIP.

Communication Breakdown

All relationships go through a rough patch.
Many a times, SELF INTROSPECTION is a great point to start.

Relationship Coaching

A Coach, unlike a Therapist, is that experienced help who can square it for you.

It's my job to show you a picture
...and of your TRUE SELF



Sometimes you know it. Sometimes you have enough reasons to believe it. And sometimes you just fear it. Leaving you only guessing.

  • Is there something more to it?
  • You really want to talk it out.
  • How to bring it all right and do justice with yourself?

Lack of Appreciation

You have even tried to talk it out. But the thoughtlessness is unending and the relationship is just dragging on as if it is a non-issue.

  • As if you never brought it up. Forgotten.
  • And then to top it off; you also get - IGNORANCE
  • How to make yourself heard? And then also expect changes!?

Just Growing Apart

It is all good. But something is missing. Too much, too soon. It used to be so good. And not so anymore.

  • Did you do something wrong?
  • Why are you the only one thinking?
  • How to break the ice & get it all out? And make it like before?

Arguments | Communication Breakdown

Does it seem that you just cannot even talk to your partner anymore? Like nothing! All that has remained is – ARGUMENTS.

  • Only getting edgy on each interaction.
  • All you can do is - TEXT.
  • Is there even a way to get this right; like ever?!? YES! There is!

Disrespect | Controlling Behavior

It has gotten down to name calling, verbal (and other) abuse, and even dominating / controlling behavior.

  • You are losing not just control; but a bit of self respect each time.
  • You even CRY. And it goes unheeded.
  • Do you deserve this? is this fair?

Addiction - Money | Sexual | Substance

It is controlled but relapses are now ‘normal’. Once sobriety is lost – it takes a while to come back to being sober again.

  • And in the bargain; everybody suffers.
  • Worse - RELATIONSHIP is losing TRUST.
  • Is there help? Right help? Yes, there is help!
an unbiased arbiter, an empathatic friend (a Coach) can help you


Step #1

You First; Situation Next

No rules. More you share; better I can help. You decide how much. You control everything.
Step #1
Step #2

The Truth

We help each other to get to The Truth. The Truth in relation to - your situation, discovering your true self, clearly understanding your priorities and people around you. The Light Bulb moment for you when you learn The Truth.
Step #2
Step #3


You pretty much dream your most desired outcomes. I will share my few cents. And we jointly come up with our final TOP 3 possible outcomes for your situation. Your conviction will let you know what these outcomes can be.
Step #3
Step #4


We Go get it for you. I help you with next steps. With conviction and experience of a Certified Coach on your side; you JUST DO IT.
Step #4
Step #5


You are back in your HOME SWEET HOME. Lot more confident. Way lot more in control. And way, way more proud of yourself. If you then like; you can engage me for your 'life after' or your other areas of your life. - LET'S TALK ABOUT COACHING COSTS NOW. I KNOW.
Step #5
under promise over deliver - is how I roll


How is Relationship Counseling different from Relationship Coaching?

Counseling is mostly recommended in case of one or both partners being diagnosed with a mental or a behavioral condition. Coaching can be had by anyone without the need of any diagnosis. Counseling is nuanced and an abstract way of helping; whereas Coaching can be extremely direct, quick and to the point involving lot less time and costs if you do not have any diagnosis. Coaching is often recommended even by Counselors for an effective Counseling / Therapy. Counseling is insight based, which evolves over a period of time. Coaching is goal-based. Counseling is more about the past and the present. Coaching is more about the present and the future.





What can I look forward to achieving from Coaching?

For Relationship Coaching, you can positively look forward to gaining a trained and an experienced perspective about your situation, help in arriving at your TOP 3 possible outcomes and in the process discover a whole lot of you. This will help you prioritize not just yourself but any dependents around you and your family.

How is Coaching any better than Counseling?

Approach to Counseling is more direct and friendly. Besides, Coaching is punctuated with good balance of humor, grace and participation from all. Getting objective, direct questions from a Coach is easy without expecting abstract responses. This saves enormous amount of time and resulting anxiety if you are in a relationship crises and needs an immediate professional, unbiased help.

So how does a Coach exactly help?

There are at least 3 stages in a Coaching Process. Many other professionals have their own spin and approach to Coaching. At MPLC though, we first help you ‘very clearly’ understand your own situation, self and the gravity of your problem and why is this all happening in the first place. We do this immediately – no hanky panky – no ‘process of 3-6 months’. Once we tackle that part, we try to arrive at the very best outcomes, ideally more than one. And lastly, we jointly work towards making that outcome manifest in real.

So, do I get whatever I want to happen from my partner?

Very likely, you may get the deal and on your terms. But the truth of your situation will trump your wishes. After all, we have an equally deserving another human being involved in a relationship situation. What we can say, however, is even if you do not get all that you want or all that on your terms or none of that you wish – what you will get is – a forever understanding of who you are and how can you never ever be in this situation again as we try and get to one of the best possible outcomes to your current situation.

Where and how often will I meet with a Coach?

At My Private Life Coach, all your sessions will be mostly over a conference call (video or audio). You can expect to see a Coach initially every week or more often and then once in a week or once in every 2 weeks for an effective Coaching experience.

How much am I looking to spend in Coaching services?

This is subjective to your need and pressing nature of your situation. For Relationship Coaching, I try to get you to a ‘I can help myself from here’ point within 3-12 sessions. However, I have had people just come for a single session to seek a viewpoint or a trained perspective. My services typically go from a range of $75 – $200  per session depending on the urgency and/or severity. One important note – my sessions are not timed – they go from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Are there any guarantees or refunds?

No. There are no guarantees in life. You can take 15-20 minute FREE, no-obligations session to speak with me and get to know me and my services more. And there are no refunds.

Can I save some costs if I pay for 3 sessions in advance?

Yes, indeed. We one up your commitment. Please ask for discounts if you are ready to commit and prepay 3 sessions or more at a time.

Do I get all the email and messenging support between the sessions?

You can reach us just about anytime you want via email or a messaging service of your choosing. We are there to make sure you do all your little steps right and all the time until you are out of the woods. And even after.

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