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If is about resolving your past and staging you for a healthy present; and

if is to walk with you in your journey from present to a bright future

Combining Counseling and Coaching

[is truly dotting all your i's and crossing all your t's]

[Call and find out how it works]

Counseling + Coaching + Psychiatrist - Venn Diagram
lining up all the 'Good Men' for the best of your health

Your Psychiatrist

takes care of your prescriptions
and always seeking to manage your doses effectively

Your Counselor / Psychotherapist

helps you to manage your thoughts and emotions and often asks
what's the problem

Your Coach

helps your with your dreams and desires by keeping you on your track
and often asks the question - what's possible

a team like this - to cover all your bases
to picture and analyze your past and the present
...and of the future of your health and dreams


Focus is on you

Your Psychiatrists, your Counselor and your Coach – all  are focused on how to help you build a healthy present that can help with your goals of near-term and long-term future.

  • Your Psychiatrist will want to know how the therapy / counseling is working for you so that he can monitor your medication needs.
  • Your Counselor is on board to make sure your are recognizing patterns and being more self-aware.
  • Your Coach will help you develop these habits and communicate back to both your Counselor / Psychiatrist.


You will exactly know, at all times, what is the role of each of your providers in helping you attain a balanced and happy mind. And then gain independence in maintaining it by yourself.
  • You will know why your Psychiatrist is prescribing and how much. He / She is mostly concerned with the influence of your patterns and stressors.
  • Your Counselor will always be able open to you about his / her Counseling approaches and Psycho-therapeutic techniques.
  • Your Coach will be your professional friend. Only to make sure you keep up with your routines, as advised by your Counselor.


This covers your one-on-one communication. And also when and what your providers discuss about your health (all within your authorizations).

  • Your Coach can help learn, on your behalf, all the risks, benefits and limitations of treatment that you get from your Psychiatrist.
  • Your Coach can seek from your Counselor - direction and timing on - habits, life skills or even cognitive skills to work on.
  • Your Coach will have your exclusive but limited authority (via HIPAA authorizations) to keep you updated on all service levels.


Your Coach in each Coaching session help you see if – are you smiling more and calmer more, feel physically and emotionally safer, feel stronger expressing your needs and many more metrics.
  • Your Psychiatrist will be happy to learn if your stressors are influencing you less and your reactions are more in control.
  • Your Counselors will be happy to learn if your patterns, perspectives and behavior are changing positively & you are more in control.
  • Your Coach will help you test yourself every so often and help you take those results to your Psychiatrist / Counselor.


Benefits to your Psychiatrist (by combining Coaching in your Counseling)

Doctors take the highest onus of delivering care since they manage medications, that has direct and immediate influence.
  1. Nothing would make your Psychiatrist more comforting than to learn that not just a Counselor but also Coach (us) is attending to their patient, which is you.
  2. The feedback loop that you Coach can create can help Psychiatrist better understand the impact of their prescriptions.
  3. A move in the right direction of better health is very important to a Psychiatrist. A Coach’s feedback can help that happen.
  4. A Coach’s intervention can help prevent drug abuse, which is of primary concern to most Psychiatrists.
  5. Your Psychiatrist can be lot more relieved of liability risks when delivering treatment if he knows that his patient has a team now – both a Counselor and a Coach.

Benefits to your Counselor (by combining Coaching in your Counseling)

Your Counselor will always be well informed of the effectiveness and impact of a variety of methods, techniques and approaches employed by them for you.
  1. A Counselor’s calendar is normally fully booked. As your Coach, we can fill in that space by being closer to their patients, which is you.
  2. A Counselor, invariably, suggests some practice and proposes different perspectives between sessions. As your Coach, we can help develop a routine around it to deeply imbibe it in your natural behavior.
  3. For a Counselor, a Coach can serve as conduit and a motivator to get their client to stay course on therapy suggested by them.
  4. As your Coach, we  can take guidance from your Counselor to inculcate habits in you to develop a variety of skills. These can be coping skills, life skills, cognitive skills and other self-awareness techniques to address your symptoms and limitations.
  5. As your Coach, we can help make a your recovery more imminent and can create a consistent repute of recovered clients for your Counselor. After all, word-of-mouth repute is the best repute your Counselor will have built for their practice.
... and that is how a Coach can help

- GET YOU ON A PATH OF AN EFFECTIVE AND AN EFFICIENT RECOVERY - HOW CAN I HELP by being a liaison between your Counselor, your prescriber and yourself

Step #1

Your Needs First; Authorizations Next

Keep your need a #1 priority and a guide in seeking authorizations from your to establish us as your liaison with your specific providers.
Step #1
Step #2

Create Communication Channel between your Providers and You for You

Press into service a way to update and seek guidance from your providers, with least interference to their routines and business.
Step #2
Step #3

Strategize, Goals, Accountability - MPLC Routine

Put you on a path of goals clarity, strategy and execution, as we do in case of all our clients at My Private Life Coach.
Step #3
Step #4

Channel back to your Provider(s) on your Progress

Promptly deliver feedback to your providers about your progress in picking up - coping, life, cognitive and / or self awareness skills.
Step #4
Step #5

Rinse and Repeat

Keep this communication loop going uninterrupted until you are HOME in great health and in full control to independently take care of yourself.
Step #5
under promise over deliver - is how I roll


So, why can't my Counselor be my Coach too?

Great question and a very natural one. For sure, your Counselor has the necessary training and education to be your Coach as well. Problem only is your Counselor wearing two hats at the same time may leave you completely confused to be able to straddle between your past, present and future. Besides, there will be several overlap in methods and techniques. It is like going to a restaurant and asking the Executive Chef to serve you too.  Another big problem is once you start Coaching with your Counselor and then need to go back to Counseling, you will need a lawful referral, which under various laws can create an onerous and an answerable situation for your Counselor and their license. Yet another issue is your Counselor is trained to Coach in a professional capacity and Coaching needs a fair degree of freedom of friendship, humor and even some banter. To change roles on the fly is no mean task. And lastly, Coaching is more intensive and a job of a different pay-grade; not all Counselors can bear the opportunity cost of Counseling while Coaching you.

Is Coaching covered by my Insurance?

No. Coaching is not covered by most insurance carriers. However, under specific circumstances and if tied to health, you may decide to pay for Coaching from an HSA account. One of things you can also do is to ask your Counselor to write a written recommendation / referral for a Coach. Please, however, consult a tax accountant who can guide your better.

So, is it not an additional cost burden for me to hire a Coach?

Another great and financially wise question. Indeed so. And you are right, engaging a Coach will create an additional financial commitment for you. But only in the short run. If you are really in a serious health situation that may last longer than just a few months; in that case instead of paying so many months worth of out of pocket costs even after using your insurance, you will be better off engaging a Coach for a few intermittent months and avoid continuous out of pocket commitment over the long run. Several studies show that engaging a Coach can help speed your recovery because of the continuous feedback loop created by the Coach that can help the Counselor.  This cost consideration is especially true in case of relationship or marriage or couples coaching along side Marriage Counseling. You can stand to benefit immensely saving your relationship than go on about for months. Not to mention, now there will be not one but two professionals helping you with your situation.

I have not heard my Counselor / Psychiatrist ask me to hire a Coach.

We would never ask you to hire us as your Coach alongside your Counseling program unless we have complete and unstinted support from your Counselor. Coaching is fairly a new form of help that people seek. Most Counselors are aware of the recent uptick in Coaching as a viable and a wise option. Only reason your provider(s) do not bring it up is because it is not covered by your insurance. And they fear burdening you with additional financial commitment. Please speak to your provider or just reach us and we will speak to your provider directly under a specific HIPAA authorization from you to bring you on board and set it all up for you.

So, how does this work?

You engage us for the 1st session, which is completely free (ask for it). We show you the ropes and walk you through our role and the roles of your providers. We can never do what they do because we are not trained to do their jobs. But our job goes way beyond closed door conversational styles of helping your situation. And yes, we make you sign HIPAA authorizations to speak with your providers and establish a communication line between all, and for the the entire time until you engage us.

Where and how often will I meet with a Coach?

At My Private Life Coach, all your sessions will be mostly over a conference call (video or audio). You can expect to see a Coach initially every week or more often and then once in a week or once in every 2 weeks for an effective Coaching experience.

How much am I looking to spend in Coaching services?

This is subjective to your need and pressing nature of your situation. For Relationship Coaching, I try to get you to a ‘I can help myself from here’ point within 3-12 sessions. However, I have had people just come for a single session to seek a viewpoint or a trained perspective. My services typically go from a range of $75 – $200  per session depending on the urgency and/or severity. One important note – my sessions are not timed – they go from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Are there any guarantees or refunds?

No. There are no guarantees in life. You can take 15-20 minute FREE, no-obligations session to speak with me and get to know me and my services more. And there are no refunds.

Can I save some costs if I pay for 3 sessions in advance?

Yes, indeed. We one up your commitment. Please ask for discounts if you are ready to commit and prepay 3 sessions or more at a time.

Do I get all the email and messenging support between the sessions?

You can reach us just about anytime you want via email or a messaging service of your choosing. We are there to make sure you do all your little steps right and all the time until you are out of the woods. And even after.

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