About Me

If you’re having trouble overcoming your fears, you need a life coach.


I will help you transform how you think about your worries and turn your viewpoint to emphasize positive traits instead of limiting beliefs. Name and count your fears, take action, and learn how to use them as a force for success with My Private Life Coach.

With an ambition to make a difference, My Private Life Coach is a certified trainer and life coach. Over the span of 10 years, Coach Alishba’s passion and curiosity led her to explore the remarkable power of the human mind and what it’s capable of. Being a passionate relationship, life, and success coach, Coach Alishba will help you unlock those areas of life that have caged you and held you hostage for too long.

Coach Alishba is a life coach who is more interested in building the future. Her wide range of skill sets and tools has allowed her to see a holistic view when giving training and coaching. She excels at motivating individuals to bring about successful changes in their lives so they can make this world a better place to live.
She believes that the only thing that stops people from stepping into their true potential is their own self.

She believes that when we know who we are and exactly what we want, we are able to make decisions that are in alignment with our higher power.

Life coaching and counseling provide the following advantages:

Coach Alishba

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